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NORRAG-Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training

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NORRAG is a global network of 5,000 members for international policies and cooperation in education and training.

NORRAG is an offshoot of the Research, Review, and Advisory Group (RRAG) established in 1976 and at the time funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Swedish International Development Authority (Sida).

It was charged with critical reviewing and disseminating education research related to the developing world. The current name was adopted in 1986.

NORRAG's strength lies in addressing under-researched questions of quality and equity in key issues in education and development, and in amplifying under-represented expertise, particularly from the South.

NORRAG's core mandate is to produce, disseminate and broker critical knowledge and build capacity for and with our network's wide range of stakeholders.

Our stakeholders from academia, governments, NGOs, international organizations, foundations and the private sector inform and shape education policies and practices at national and international levels.

Through our work, NORRAG contributes to creating the conditions for more participatory, evidence-informed decisions that improve equal access to and quality of education and training.

NORRAG is an associate programme of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

About the IFE-2-Leave No one Behind

The IFE-2-Leave No One Behind project will conduct impact evaluation research to assess the contribution of innovation in education financing to bringing in more and better financing to educate the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

NORRAG will implement the research project from December 2021 to December 2026.

The project will be supported by research partners - the Bertha Centre, University of Cape Town, in South Africa and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences - Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research, in India.

The project will focus on Innovative Financing initiatives implemented by UBS Optimus Foundation and Volta Capital in Ghana, India, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda
  • Lending for Education in Africa, Impact Bond Innovation Fund, Quality Education India Development Impact Bond, Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge, and Ghana Education Outcomes Project.
The research design will utilise mixed-methods impact research on whether and how Innovative Financing mechanisms, arrangements, and programme elements will likely produce educational benefits for marginalised and vulnerable student populations.

The TRANSFORM research initiative of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the five research and implementation partners co-funded the project.

The role:

As part of this mandate, NORRAG is recruiting a Data Manager who will be responsible for the data management for the research project.

Key responsibilities:

As part of the IFE-2-Leave No One Behind project team, the main responsibilities will be:

  • Consolidate and manage data from individual innovative financing initiatives within IFE-2-Leave No One Behind project
  • Lending for Education in Africa, Impact Bond Innovation Fund, Quality Education India Development Impact Bond, Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge, and Ghana Education Outcomes Project.
  • Take the lead in data extraction, data review, data cleaning and validation and monitoring of the quality and completeness of data for documenting program performance.
  • Provide feedback to the field teams, in case of questions and gaps, to ensure any qualitative inputs are consistent and accurate.
  • Monitor planning to ensure data is received in time and can be processed in time to comply with the overall project objectives.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in existing data collection and management systems and propose solutions.
  • Provide regular reporting to the IFE2Leave No One Behind project team:
  • Develop periodic dashboards related to programmatic ratings and KPIs
  • Provide qualitative reporting and analysis related to programmatic performance
  • Support the initiative implementation teams to ensure inputs and reviews are captured and contextualise the data collection and analysis.
  • Present and communicate results and ideas clearly and concisely to the research team members.
  • Support the research team in clarifying aspects of the financial and legal structure and results with experts from the private sector partner teams.
  • Contribute to and provide relevant data points for knowledge products
- research papers, articles, presentations and blogs.

  • Support the review process of key research deliver

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