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PhD Student Position (BB-3E171)

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PhD student in Structural Biology of Abelson kinase (100%)

A PhD student position is available in the group of Prof. Stephan Grzesiek at the Biozentrum Basel. Our aim is to apply and develop modern NMR methods in combination with other biophysical techniques to decipher the functional mechanisms of disease-relevant proteins at a fundamental level [1–10].

Deregulation of Abelson kinase (Abl) due to an oncogenic chromosome translocation is the cause for chronic myelogeneous leukemia (CML). You will be involved in a project that aims to describe Abl’s regulation, oncogenic disregulation, and reaction to cancer drugs at atomic resolution using a combination of NMR and single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET). For our previous work on this topic see [2,7,11–13].

The technical equipment includes state-of-the art 900 MHz and 600 MHz high-resolution spectrometers with cryo and magic angle spinning probes, single-molecule FRET, as well as many other biophysical technologies and a protein expression lab. The Biozentrum offers a stimulating interdisciplinary environment and in-house availability of all methods of modern structural biology. The PhD training will include formal education within the .

Key words: Abelson kinase, cancer, biophysics, pharmacology, single-molecule FRET, NMR

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Candidates must have a master degree in biochemistry, physical chemistry, physics or a related scientific discipline at the time of the PhD start. They should have experience in one or several of the following areas: molecular biology or cell biology with a background in protein structure, biomolecular fluorescence spectroscopy, or macromolecular NMR.

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