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Pim Bik

Pim Bik

Supply Chain Engineer
Lausanne, Lausanne


Über Pim Bik:

An independent and self-motivated engineer with a Master's degree in Operations Management & Logistics. I have more than 2 years of work experience in the design and control of supply chains, in a high-tech environment with experience in both new project implementation as well as regular volume production. Recently relocated to Lausanne, Switzerland for my partner and I am now actively looking for a job while I work on improving my French.

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I worked at VDL ETG full-time as a Supply Chain Engineer. My role was the design and control of the supply chain for six different customers and over 300 different end-products. Various logistical concepts were applied to our customers, who are active in interesting fields such as electronic microscopes, medical robots, advanced clinical radiotherapy machinery, and the semiconductor industry. I really enjoyed the challenges attached to the control of such diverse supply chains and customers due to their differences in volume, complexity, and strategies. In this position, I have intensively used the company’s ERP system, and understand perfectly how MRP and supply chain planning work. My responsibilities included the assessment of supply chain risks, throughput times, cost price (and cost reductions), volume flexibility, and the balancing of customer commitment and outstanding liabilities. In this position, I had a very close relationship with the demand planner, optimizing production, analyzing forecasts, and translating those into a stable demand plan. Last year, having gained experience in regular volume production, I took a role in new product introduction projects besides my regular tasks. With refurbishment and repair becoming a trending topic at VDL ETG (and all companies), I was responsible for developing and implementing a logistical way of working for refurbishment/repair projects since this was new to the organization.


My Bachelors and Masters degree were in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management & Logistics respectively. Here, I gained knowledge in different fields: Information Systems/Data Science, Supply Chain & Logistics, Service Engineering, Quality Reliability and Management, and Human Performance Management. My focus during these years mainly was on quantitative courses such as (multivariate) statistics, linear programming, algorithmic programming, multi-echelon inventory management, and game theory with applications to supply chain management. I, therefore, developed a very data-driven and problem-solving engineering mindset.

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