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engineering Freelancer

Über mich:

Arka Khorchidian of Geneva, Switzerland is a student studying technology, with the intention of attending university for electrical engineering.


As Arka Khorchidian grew older and began to consider his options after high school, he decided that a technical field would be ideal for him. He has had the opportunity to delve into these fields already, studying maths, physics, computer science, and multiple coding languages (including Python, Javascript, HTML, and Swift). Thus, Arka determined his best path forward would be to study electrical engineering.

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Arka Khorchidian is not sure exactly where his life and studies will take him in the future, but he keeps an open mind to any option presented to him. He plans to compare and contrast all available options before choosing a program that suits his needs and his future goals. Although Arka may not have his university plans or his ultimate career path nailed down, he is continuing to add skills to his resume and learn as much as he can every day.

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